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Chef Claudia Rovegno

When Rome native chef Claudia Rovegno moved to the United States in 2013, she was determined to bring a little bit of Italy with her. But she would do it differently.

Soon after her arrival, she started From Scratch to provide fresh, homemade, gourmet dinners and baked goods to families through an online store. A year of success later, she embarked on her next dream: to open a physical storefront.

Energized by her passion for sharing great food with others, chef Claudia presents us the authentic-flavored menu at From Scratch and offers hands-on cooking classes for those with extended culinary curiosities. A visit feels like being transported into the slow-paced, culinary world of Italy.

We hope you feel as if you’ve landed in Italy when you step into From Scratch. Our goal is to spread the love we have toward the food we grow up with, hence our motto: Cook with Love! We want you to experience the culinary delight as if you have traveled abroad, but here in downtown Ridgewood. And after soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying what you've tasted, we hope you take the experience home to share with family and friends.

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